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Zaldeesh are leading the way in the research & development of sustainable production systems. Current projects are under way in the development and implementation of new generation greenhouse systems.

Zaldeesh Pty Ltd is an experienced grower of high-grade capsicums on the outskirts of Perth WA. The company has recognised the benefits of moving from field to greenhouse production to reap the benefits and savings this system provides.

Zaldeesh Pty Ltd have invested significant resources into devloping greenhouse capsicum production suited to WA conditions. They wish to achieve the same levels of production volume and quality as Holland and Israel - the current world leaders in protected horticulture.

In Australia some vegetable growers have adapted a number of the individual technologies into their existing greenhouse. However, few, if any, have established greenhouse systems that apply new generation technologies to provide large productive and environmental benefits. This project is unique in that it integrates new research-proven technologies into one system for growing capsicums in WA and be at the leading edge of protected horticultural production in Australia.

Research and development into components of new generation greenhouses has mainly been conducted in Holland and Israel, with some in Australia including work undertaken by Zaldeesh Pty Ltd in WA. While this type of Greenhouse technology is common in Holland and Israel, they have not been heavily introduced to date into Australia. Initially, some adaptation is required to ensure this technology operates at optimum capacity in Western Australia, and Zaldeesh is familiar with these required adaptions and has the capability and international networks to support the work.

Research has shown how the introduction of new component technologies into an integrated new generation greenhouse system can bring significant environmental and economic benefits. These technologies include: Israeli produced solar deflectors, enhanced ventilating systems, total environment control systems, polycarbonate greenhouse skins, computer-linked sensors to optimise greenhouse conditions, Dutch designed water recycling & sterilisation units, and Israeli designed insect screens.

There is limited greenhouse/hydroponic production of vegetables in WA. Therefore, the potential for the expansion of protected horticulture in WA is large - particularly when the soils are inherently poor with a propensity to leach nutrients into the ground water. Further, there is great pressure on growers to find alternatives to chemical soil sterilisation systems and field-based disease and pest control techniques. With this range of productivity demands, modern greenhouse horticulture production is seen to be the future. In addressing these factors, this project will demonstrate the potential of innovative technology and the environmental benefits available to growers in WA and across Australia.

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